Do you take custom orders?

Certainly! If time allows, I would be happy to work with you.

How are your book covers made?

I mostly use a common technique called photo manipulation. This means I combine pieces of licensed or non-copyright images and draw in details and special effects.

What is the licensing for book covers?

My book cover designs include some stock imagery with my own graphic design to keep them affordable. I have purchased the proper licensing for the images, and upon purchase, you get the right to use the finished design for one project (one book or series). You may also use the book cover’s image for your promotions, but you may not alter the image or use it for more than one project. eBook covers have no limits on the number of copies sold – some of my print covers may have a very high limit.

Are your book covers unique?

Yes definitely! Once I sell a book cover, I never sell it again. I use some stock images to make my covers affordable, but these are usually very heavily modified, so your cover will stand apart. I also use a lot of my own graphic design.

Can I buy a book cover to reserve it for a later publication?

Certainly. I am available to update the text whenever you are ready.

Can I turn my cover into a series or paperback wrap?

Sure, I can modify any cover for print, and I can creating a matched set for any cover.

Can I use your book title?

Sure. The book titles are examples that I make up, consider it a freebie if you want to use the one on your cover. I don’t check to see if anyone else has used that title before though – it’s up to you to check for trademarks!

Can you change the font of the book cover? Can I combine several pre-made covers into a series?

Yes, I can change the fonts on premade covers, and I can change several pre-made covers to match to make a series. If you have a specific font in mind, I’ll get it if I can. Otherwise, I can help you pick one you like better.

Can my title be in any language?

Certainly! I am able to work with a wide variety of languages.

Do you use AI artwork?

No. Right now, AI generated images can have some dubious copyright implications, and I don’t want my customers to have to deal with that. All artwork is made from licensed stock images and my own graphic design work.

I’ve heard you make author websites, is that true?

Yes! My day job is as a professional web developer and graphic designer, and I’ve designed and built websites for hundreds of clients. I’d love to make your author website. Send me a message or email and we can work out the details of your project.