Fantasy Book Cover Designer

I’m Crystal, a writer and designer living in the coastal marshlands of South Carolina. I create book covers for all sub-genres of fantasy and beyond.

I have been working professionally in design for 15 years, in both digital and print media. Since starting my book cover shop in 2022, I have helped over a hundred authors with their covers and marketing.

I call my style Gothic Goblincore Grunge. It’s witchy, it’s glitchy, it looks like an old herbarium. It’s trendy, but not so trendy that it looks the same as a million other covers.

I draw on my love of the obscure, the antique, and the esoteric.

I have created covers for both new and established authors, who have attracted new readers with their intruiguing look.

When they get their covers from me, authors are ecstatic. Squealing is involved. Cats have been disturbed by the noise.